M.Y.O - Upcycling Denim - Wizard of Oz themed

M.Y.O - Upcycling Denim - Wizard of Oz themed

9th Feb 2020 12pm - 2pm

Event Details

In this creative session hosted by M.Y.O in the warm and cosy rooftop wigman, you’ll be shown how to embroider colourful flower patterns and Wizard of Oz themed images onto your trousers, skirt or jacket! We’ll also have fabric paints you can dabble with, to truly jazz up and upcycle some of your old clothes inspired by the film! No experience required.

The rooftop wigwan has an Emerald City theme currently and we can't wait to host you there for some creative time. Think red shoes, yellow brick roads, scarecrows, possibly a wicked witch and quotes.

Space is limited to 15 guests, to ensure you are in a relaxed and helpful environment.

Let’s get creative! Get your tickets HERE.