Free Storytelling on the Roof

Free Storytelling on the Roof

5th Feb 2020 5pm - 7pm

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Don’t you dare to climb the stairs to the Rooftop, grab a cocktail & open your ears to world of stories? Inspired by Oz’z cowardly lion, Giles Abbott will regale you with stories of cowardice & courage.

From Somalia, the corpse of Igal Shiidade argues with his widow about how he died. She keeps getting it wrong!. From Senegal a hyena tricks & deceives everyone, even his wife & kids, but has he been tricked too? That sheep he’s leading, does it have suspiciously soft paws & sharp claws? Then in ancient scandinavia a brave warrior tries to teach a terrified young man the secret of courage (WARNING–may contain dragons). Lastly, from Egypt, a heartbreaking story of the bravest act of love a man can make.

You coming? Go on, we dare you…."

What better way to spend a cosy Wednesday evening?

You'll hear.....

......a story from Senegal about a devious coward

......a silly story form Somalia about a ludicrous coward

......a wonderful Viking myth about a coward who learns to be brave 

......a love story from Egypt featuring one of the bravest characters known to humans

Event Timings

5:00pm Gather on the roof, grab a hot buttered rum or mulled wine!

6:00pm Storytelling begins