Back to Ours presents... the OC party

Back to Ours presents... the OC party

1st Aug 2019 7pm - 11:59pm

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Welcome to the O.C, bitch.

It's been 16 years since Seth/Summer; 16 since Marissa gave your doe eyes or Ryan punched someone. 

So for those who feel floods of nostalgia every time the first few bars of 'California' play or when someone even mentions the words 'Seth Cohen', this one's for you.

After screening some of your favourite episodes, we will be bringing the sunny shores of Newport to life at this O.C-themed party.

The basement will be humming with what is arguably one of the most formative soundtracks for teens in the 2000s; so if you feel like your life is missing some Modest Mouse, Jet, the Dandy Warhols, the Killers and Death Cab and Interpol, snap up tickets ASAP.