PARIS! Bohemian Salon at Lady Celeste's

PARIS! Bohemian Salon at Lady Celeste's

11th Nov 2018 1pm - 3pm

Event Details


Ooo la la! Lady Celeste invites you to sketch at her 1900s Parisian rooftop bar! "Draw me like one of your French girls!" Drink absinthe! See the green fairy! Sketch our stockinged muse, reclining on a chaise longue, as we conjure up the bohemian spirit of 1900s Montmartre. Accordions! Moulin Rouge! Toulouse Lautrec! Melted cheese delicacies, mulled port and cocktails available to indulge in around fires outside.

A salon inspired by classic artists/muses such as Kiki de Montparnasse. With readings of Parisian poetry and prose from the turn of the century and a romantic soundtrack to transport you to the streets of Paris.

Materials & paper provided, thanks to sponsor GreatArt. Over 18s only.

About our venue:

This winter, Queen of Hoxton invites you to step back in time to 1900s surrealist Paris. Join us as we enter a world of extremes, sit back and enjoy the glitz, glamour, romance and eye-popping excess of Lady Celeste’s.

With the help of festival production maestros Fables Creative, our cosy rooftop Wigwam will be transformed into a music hall hidden amongst the back-ally Bohemia of Montmartre. Sip on Tarte Tatin Rum in our den of debauchery, dripping in velvet drapes and complete with cabaret tables and curious characters. Warm up with Parisian spiked hot chocolate, a sharing fountain of Absinthe, or Mulled Port and Wine cocktails. 
Feast on cheese and wine from our little Paris kitchen, where we’ll be serving up Raclette covered morsels of Saucisson, Bayonne Ham, Ratte Potatoes & Baguette, and “The Moulin Ooze” - a Mustard Washed Toated Sandwich With Gruyere Cheese, Raclette, Lady Marmalade Onions & Dijon Mustard. Or The Henri Toulouse Burger - Beef Patty Charred Toulouse Sausage covered with Gruyere Cheese in honour of the French artist.

Outside, meander through the romantic lights and warming fire pits in our rooftop garden to discover the local Absinthe bar and experience both sides of 1990s Parisian excess. Expect grandeur and glory, seedy seductresses and a creative world where Bohemians and aristocrats rub elbows and revel in the electrifying enchantment of this decadent and debauched world.