Hysterical #6 - First birthday party!

Hysterical #6 - First birthday party!

20th Mar 2018 7pm - 10pm

Event Details

The Vagina Museum's sell out comedy show is BACK as it's our first birthday on March 20th (yes, we do accept presents thanks so much for asking). We have a killer line up for you, prepare to have your ruddy merkins blown off.


Returning from a smash-hit five-star show at the Soho Theatre, Samantha Baines is headlining this raucous affair. Described as "mindblowing" by The Huffington Post, and "one of the ones to watch" by the Evening Standard, you are in for one hell of a ride.

Support comes from:

**Ahir Shah**
Nominated for Best Show in the Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2017, Ahir is "one of his generation's most eloquent comic voices" according to The Daily Telegraph and we certainly agree.

**Faye Treacy**
Faye is a trombonist comedian. Yes, you read that right. "Her one-liners are expertly crafted and sharp" and also are her trombone slides.

**Rachel Wheeley**
Rachel is a comedian and podcaster, and produces the hit podcast "Level Up Human". She's only performed at bloody Glastonbury so you better keep an eye on this one.

**Lulu Popplewell**
Lulu is a Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Finalist and let me tell you, Leicester Square knows its comedy. Oh, and she was in this movie called "Love Actually", dunno if you've heard of it?

**Matt Hutchinson**
Matt is a junior doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General Medicine – this has made his parents very proud. He is also a comedian – this has made his parents very confused. 

**Anna Ploszajski**
Anna is not only a comedian but also a materials engineer because she can ruddy do it all, that's what. She has performed all over the country and can also set a trumpet on fire because WE SAID SHE CAN DO IT ALL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsnO5mXax5A.

This riotous affair will be MCed by the Director of the Vagina Museum, Florence Schechter.